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  • Helping You Achieve Success

    Helping You Achieve Success

    With more than 36 years of experience in manufacturing castings in New Zealand, we know that working closely with your designers and engineers from the outset will be the key to your project’s success. We will want your team to brief us on your critical requirements while we give you feedback on what works for casting design. Once we understand then we can use our casting expertise to help you design the best possible outcome.

    Our collaborative approach almost always results in:


    • An improved end-product
    • A simpler manufacturing process
    • Reduced costs.

    Your casting will be made by us in New Zealand. For you, that means working alongside a company that operates with open communication, honesty and trust. We:


    • Operate under Independently audited ISO9001:2015 quality standards
    • Meet international material standards
    • Follow tight certification and traceability requirements
    • Protect our client’s IP
    • Genuinely back our quality and always respond immediately if issues arise.

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