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  • Safety & Reliability

    Safety & Reliability

    We are very serious about confidentiality and protection of customers.

    Long-Term Plans

    Long-Term Plans

    We do what we commit to doing. Our Part of your project is in safe hands

    Fully Experienced

    Fully Experienced

    We work with and help your design engineers to optimize your design for superior casting outcomes.

    Quality Materials

    Quality Materials

    We offer full inspection, testing, and traceability of components.
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    About US

    SUPREME PRECISION CASTINGS (previously SUPREME METAL COMPONENT SOLUTIONS) has manufactured more than 3,000 different precision metal cast components over the last 30 years.

    Supreme Precision Castings offers world-class investment castings (also known as lost wax) at competitive prices from our modern investment casting foundry in Auckland, New Zealand. We work closely with our customers to ensure castings meet rigorous customer standards and requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy, metallurgy, finish, and machinability.

    Our Workforce

    Quality Services

    Investment casting is a precision casting methodology that can be used over the widest range of metal.
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    Metal Casting

    We offer a full range of machining services to complement the range of alloys used in our casting process.
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    We provide a wide range of inspection and testing services such as Metal chemical analysis, Mechanical testing, etc.
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    Inspection and Testing

    Supreme can offer a range of digital solutions to enable prototyping and very low volume production parts without the use of traditional tooling.
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    Prototype Manufacture

    We provide a full range of general heat treating including annealing, stress relieving, normalizing, homogenization, tempering, etc.
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    Heat Treatment

    We provide a wide range of surface finishing options. Such as Sand, shot and glass bead blasting, and Polishing.
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    Finishing and Coatings

    Why Choose

    We value the long-term relationship and recognize that we are working together to compete
    against other supply chains. We focus on delivery performance with short lead times.
    we visit regularly ensuring our customers receive superior service.
    Supreme has provided over 3000 different customer designs over the last 30 years.

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